Calorie Challenge

On the 11th July 2020 working alongside our partners Old Albanian RFCMyMealAway and FlexiionMSP, Calorie Challenge launched its first public event.

Raising £1,500+ for 3 great causes through the efforts of 150+ people from 11 different clubs it was a great event.

We’re now back with a new event!!

On the Saturday 5th September much of adult rugby should have been returning to action and age groups preparing to get together for the first time but owing to the COVID-19 pandemic that won’t be.

So, we’re going to be holding our next Calorie Challenge in it’s place.

This event will be similar to previous ones with the aim being to exercise and burn as many calories as possible in a 24 hours period and raise money for charity. The difference this time is that it will be open to individuals, teams and clubs to enter, which will include all levels and individuals from clubs.

We’re also happy to extend this out to other sports to take part.

Registering is very simple, complete the form to register, then make a donation of any size from £2 upwards to one of our supported charities.

Register for September's Event

On 5th September we will be holding our next event. Open to individuals, teams and clubs of all ages and from all sports.

To enter, complete the form below and make a donation of any size to one of our supported Charities (links above).

Ahead of the event you will receive an e-mail with all the information you need.

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