We hope everyone is staying safe!

After receiving feedback from those wanting to get involved, and those already taking part, we’ve decided to make some last minute changes to the Challenge we had planned for the 5th September.

The drivers behind this are that a large number of clubs are opening to Minis & Juniors for the first time, in addition to schools going back, meaning that quite a lot of those who’d like to get involved wont be able to.

The main changes are as follows:

Get yourself signed up today, visit our home page, register and donate through our Just Giving pages to one of the causes we’re supporting. After that, it just remains for you to plan your challenge day and get going.

A few examples of activities that people are doing to burn their calories…

If you don’t have a fitness tracker, no problem, let us know what you did and for how long and we’ll work out roughly how many calories you managed to burn off.

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